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This Works was created in 2003 by former Beauty Director of Vogue UK and International journalist, Kathy Phillips, as an antidote to modern life, its impact on skin and wellbeing.

As both yoga teacher and beauty expert, Kathy understood the link between lifestyle and skin health, creating intelligent, targeted solutions that optimise skin performance 24 hours a day, based on the body clock.

The result was and is a collection of high quality, efficacious products that deliver on their promise without using unnecessary chemicals, that work with your natural Circadian Rhythm to support and maximise skin performance 24 hours a day. This Works was among the pioneer brands to replace sulphates, phalates, GMOs and parabens with cleaner alternatives.

<strong>Dream Team 2 x 5ml</strong>

Dream Team 2 x 5ml

Lowest price: € 13,00
<strong>Sleep Tight 3x 5ml</strong>

Sleep Tight 3x 5ml

Lowest price: € 17,00
<strong>Stress Check Face Mask 50ml</strong>

Stress Check Face Mask 50ml

Lowest price: € 40,00
<strong>Perfect Legs Skin Miracle 120ml</strong>

Perfect Legs Skin Miracle 120ml

Lowest price: € 47,00
<strong>Perfect Legs Gradual Tan 120ml</strong>

Perfect Legs Gradual Tan 120ml

Lowest price: € 49,00
<strong>Skin Deep Dry Leg Oil 120ml</strong>

Skin Deep Dry Leg Oil 120ml

Lowest price: € 49,00
<strong>Great Day Good Night Duo</strong>

Great Day Good Night Duo

Lowest price: € 43,00
<strong>Energy Bank Breathe In 8ml</strong>

Energy Bank Breathe In 8ml

Lowest price: € 21,00
<strong>Energy Bank Tinted Lips 10ml</strong>

Energy Bank Tinted Lips 10ml

Lowest price: € 19,50
<strong>Energy Bank Body Makeover 120ml</strong>

Energy Bank Body Makeover 120ml

Lowest price: € 41,00
<strong>Energy Bank Shower Gel 250ml</strong>

Energy Bank Shower Gel 250ml

Lowest price: € 21,00
<strong>No Wrinkles Night Repair 30ml</strong>

No Wrinkles Night Repair 30ml

Lowest price: € 58,00